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Welcome to Rozey Days

The Rozey Days Montessori community, is made up of two settings based in Bristol and South Gloucestershire offering Montessori education for children aged 6 months to 4 years of age. 

"Establishing lasting peace is the work of education."

Dr Maria Montessori


Picture of parent of child at nursery

"Rozey Days is a wonderful example of the Montessori Method at its best. We cannot recommend them highly enough."

Maia Kupich

Picture of parent of child at nursery

"All the team are so amazing. They put so much thought in to ensuring that children learn about being citizens of the world and involve the values of inclusivity and diversity in all that they do!"

Picture of parent of child at nursery

"The team take the mantle of raising a generation of empathetic and loving children very seriously and they do a wonderful job."

Jennifer Short

Emily Mew

Behind The Scenes

Our Montessori environment, beliefs & family.

Our Locations

Nursey location in Fishponds Bristol
  • Fishponds site 358 Lodge Causeway, Bristol, BS16 3PL   

  • Kingswood site 86-88 Regent Street, Kingswood, BS15 8HU

5 tips to bring Montessori into your home


  • What age do you take children from?
    At our Fishponds site, from their 2nd birthday until they reach school leaving age. At our Kingswood site, from 6 months until they reach school leaving age.
  • What sessions do you offer?
    We offer 9am to 3pm. Or 8am to 6pm including all meals and snacks.
  • Can my child attend one day a week?
    We offer a 2 day minimum as we believe the children do not benefit from the Montessori environment by 'dipping in'. Whilst our minimum is 2 days, we always recommend 3 days for optimum Montessori immersion.
  • Can my child bring a packed lunch?
    We use a wonderful catering company called Early Years Catering who offer a wide variety of healthy, tasty meals. Children with severe allergies that cannot be catered for by our caterer can bring in a lunch box if they have a doctor’s note.
  • Do the children go on outings?
    All children aged 3 and above can attend Forest School at our Fishponds site. We will be offering Outdoor learning at our Kingswood site. We regularly take all our children on community outings such as to the bakery, post office, local shops, and the park. We organise trips as a whole nursery to Westonbirt Arboretum and to local farms once a year.
  • How long will my child take to settle?
    This can vary greatly depending on if your child has been away from you previously. On average we ask parents to allow children up to six weeks to settle into the nursery routine.
  • Do we have a wait list?
    We do not have a wait list as we believe that this is unfair for families, whether their child is just turning 3 or they have moved to the area. We have a main intake in September, but if you need a space sooner it is good to check to see if we have a space available.
Free download of 5 Tips To Bring Montessori Into Your Home
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