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Forest School

A classroom without walls.

We recognise that children learn in a plethora of different ways and to ensure we are educating the whole child, we offer Forest School three times a week. We have noticed a huge surge in the confidence of our children as they learn to continually risk assess, push their physical limits and connect with the world around them.


We are passionate about our approach to outdoor education, ensuring that it forms a part of our daily curriculum. Children learn so much from being outside in nature, and we believe the benefits of an outdoor education should be accessible to all children. After the age of three your child will attend Forest School where they will continue to grow and develop their confidence in the great outdoors.


Our two-year-olds may not be quite ready for the walk to the woods, but we ensure they have plenty of smaller trips out into the community. Regularly visiting the park, local bakery and shops as we build their social skills and stamina so that they are ready for those forest adventures when they turn three.  

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