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Uniting Through Food

Picture this, all of the world's leaders sitting around a table sharing their favourite foods and rich cultural heritage. They would swap stories about how they enjoyed these dishes and discuss the differences as well as similarities in the flavours and ingredients. I am sure to most readers this sounds wonderful and far fetched all at once!

Now, picture our children, sharing the food that matters to them with their friends. Enjoying delicious flavours together and learning that our daily bread, no matter what form it takes, unites us all.

Here at Rozey Days we are huge advocates for Dr Montessori's principles of creating an education for peace. Not only is Montessori about creating independent, compassionate and critical thinkers it also largely looks at our role in society on a macro level. Dr Montessori famously said: "Establishing lasting peace is the work of education, all politics can do is keep us out of war."

So how do we stay true to Dr Montessori's mandate for creating an education system that champions peace? It all comes from early exposure to the vast and varied world that we live in. At Rozey Days, we have decided to use food to help create connections with our nursery community as well as the world at large. We have started international cooking sessions with the children where we share our family recipes and discuss our cultural traditions. We are hoping to compile our very own cookbook and to publish these beautiful recipes and to share them with our community.

So far we have had Arepa's from Venezuela, Paratha's from Pakistan and next week we will be having German Apfelkuchen (Apple cake!). We present each recipe to the children with a story associated with the food that we are going to make. We then communally cook and eat together, often playing music and learning about the country that the food originates from. It is in these small moments that children learn the big lessons. We are excited to continue to use the sharing of food and stories as a vehicle to create lasting connection to our beautiful and diverse world.

P.S Please do keep an eye on our socials for our weekly cooking sessions. You are welcome to travel the world with us, one yummy recipe at a time!

Much love and peace,

Rozey - Mama, Teacher- Proud Citizen of the world.

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